RENSSELAER CO. N.Y. (News10)-A Westerlo man who killed a local woman due to a DWI crash, and then skipped out on his sentencing date, is now back behind bars. News10’s Anya Tucker spoke with his victim’s sister and brother-in-law.

For Lisa Sperry’s family members the past 6 months have been agonizing, “Every day I used to get up in the morning and think the same thing, ‘Where is he today?’ Because I know where Lisa is today. Why is he free?” said Laura Ingleston. But this past weekend, the motorist who killed Laura’s sister Lisa Sperry was arrested, ending his months long time on the run.

“It’s relieving that he’s been caught. I just hope they can keep him this time. Because in February he skipped his sentencing,” said Laura’s husband Richard Sweet. Gibson was a no-show at his February 1st sentencing for the 2021 crash in Westerlo that injured several people and claimed the life of Lisa Sperry, a devoted wife and mother of four boys. He had been on the run since then.

But on Saturday, police were able to finally take Gibson into custody after an alleged domestic violence incident in the town of Nassau. According to court documents Gibson is now facing several new charges after deputies allege he grabbed a woman by the throat and held her on a bed and threatened to burn down her home. The documents also read that Gibson tried to evade law enforcement on scene, by running off, then allegedly turning around and charging toward the deputies.

Andrew Gibson is now locked up in the Rensselaer County Jail, without bail. That’s unlike the situation after the fatal crash when Gibson’s family was said to have posted a hefty $160,000 bond so he could remain free prior to skipping his sentencing date. “It’s time for him to serve his justice and for him to realize that you can’t just walk around and do what you want and not have any consequences for that,” added Laura.

Gibson had already had several run-ins with the law before the crash. He is expected to be arraigned on the presumed bail jumping charge in Albany County Court before his sentencing on the fatal crash.