HYDE PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Dutchess County SPCA (DSPCA) says on Monday, they received three puppies that were abandoned in a carrier in a field. They were very sick with a disease called parvovirus, a deadly but easily preventable infection.

If a kind person had not found the pups and brought them to the DSPCA, officials say the animals would not have survived the night. As it is, one of the puppies did not make it, despite the intensive care he was immediately given. The DSPCA says they are still not sure if the other two will make it.

“There is no legitimate reason to dump animals,” began the organization in a Facebook post. “DSPCA will not question the reasons for anyone surrendering an animal to us.”

If you have a pet you cannot keep, you can call (845) 452-7722 x403 to make an appointment to bring them to the DSPCA. If you don’t want to bring them in, the organization says you should bring them to any other shelter or to a veterinarian’s office.

This particular case, said DSPCA officials, was especially heartbreaking because these were babies and they were sick. “They did not need to suffer this way,” they said.