STANFORD, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Four people had to be helped out of the water after a canoe capsized. It happened on Lake Geneva near Cold Spring Creek. According to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), three people tipped in the canoe and one jumped in to help.

The DEC said that the person who jumped in the water became unconscious due to the extremely cold water. When ECO Wamsley arrived on scene, State Police and paramedics were helping those involved and everyone was out of the water. The person had also regained consciousness.

ECO Wamsley supplied blankets to the group and helped carry out the most severely injured boater. Luckily, all individuals survived the incident. As a reminder, it is always important to use a personal floatation device, like a life jacket, when boating. Also be careful of water temperatures, even though it may be hot outside the water could still be cold enough to send someone into shock, especially in the spring.