LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Warren County is putting out a warning to those planning to light up the night sky with fireworks on the Fourth of July. Yes, it’s time for celebration, but celebration with care.

The county pointed out that recent dry weather and a Monday-Tuesday heatwave are leaving the region in prime conditions for a potential ignition, if sparks should land in the wrong places.

The New York DEC reports Warren County wildlife at “moderate” risk of danger.

“We ask that those who want to use fireworks in Warren County follow all safety rules and use
them away from structures or flammable material,” explained Warren County Director of Emergency Services Ann Marie Mason, in a release on Tuesday. “Please use only the devices that are legal for sale in
New York, and be considerate of your neighbors.”

The county put out some data, showing that 60 percent of all injuries and accidents tied to fireworks happen around the holiday. The tip of a sparkler, for example, burns at nearly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Those incidents can lead to injury and fires, but can also alarm pets and those suffering from some kinds of PTSD.

Not all fireworks are legal in New York. Only sparkler- and fountain-type fireworks sold at New York stores are legal within the state.

Recommendations from the Consumer Products Safety Commission include keeping young children away from sparklers and ignition materials; keeping fireworks away from any flammable materials; not aiming a lit firework at another person; and dousing remains in cold water to ensure nothing is still smoldering.