ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Driving slow can be dangerous. It can start a chain reaction of braking, leading to potential accidents or road rage.

“It’s definitely frustrating especially when you’re on the Northway or the Thruway and somebody’s just going really slow,” Dave Roberts said.

Tempers flare when you’re caught behind a slow driver. As we turn onto Old Niskayuna Road, we pass a posted speed sign of 40 MPH. The car in front is on its own time.

This is the source of many road rants.

“If you’re in a hurry to get somewhere and you miss three red lights because someone is going so slow, it just gets a little frustrating,” Ken Madej said.

Not everyone minds a leisurely pace.

“We’re retired so I try not to be in a hurry,” Judy Madej said.

Those drivers tell others to “pump the brakes” on getting agitated. You never know who is in the driver’s seat.

“He gets very upset if someone is going too slowly,” Judy said. “He’s like go faster, go faster, and gets stressed out. I’m like, whatever, I’ll slow down. Then I say maybe it’s someone who is learning to drive.”

As frustrating as it is, a slow driver can’t be cited on town or city roads; however, on the highway, you can be ticketed.