ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Wipers on, lights on! It’s the catchphrase for rainy days and many drivers were caught breaking the law.

“Should have your headlights on, right?” Joseph LaMot said.

It’s a reason for police to pull you over and you could face fines of up to $100.

People say they just appreciate being able to see other drivers in bad weather.

“I get annoyed because I can’t see the cars behind me,” Jo Zabka said.  “Well, I just came from Wendy’s and I was stopping here. I didn’t think to put them on.”

In fact, many drivers admit they rely on automatic lights that aren’t always law-abiding but making yourself visible will go a long way in rainy weather.

“People don’t realize that their stopping distance is going to be significantly longer on a wet road,” Michael Sweeney, of AAA Hudson Valley, said. “It can change the stopping distance of your car by double.”

That’s why some drivers say they turn their lights on rain or shine.

“Just for safety reasons,” Ray Coco said.

“I put mine on just to be a good person driving,” Joseph Kaufman said.

“I drive with my lights on even when it’s not raining because it gives you more attention. You’re more obvious to somebody,” LaMot said.

Many people don’t know the law. Whenever your wipers are on for rain, sleet, snow, your lights must be on. If it’s just a cloudy day, that’s your choice.