ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – If you have a brand new car, you want to do everything possible to make sure someone doesn’t ding it, but you don’t want to be that person taking up two parking spaces.

A ticket on the windshield likely means one thing, you’re parked illegally.

We see where double parking is convenient, running in for a quick errand or waiting to pick up a friend.

Odds are you’ve also been frustrated with a double parker, times where you are unable to get down a narrow street or someone taking up two parking spots.

Many people say they see it at work or out shopping.

“I park in the garage there and yeah people park in two spots,” Debbie Moran, of North Greenbush, said.

“At Price Chopper I went to park the other day, I’m like ‘oh there’s one right up front!’ I go to pull in and I’m like oh, can’t park here,” Joan Curry, of Colonie, said.

“I think it’s kind of selfish and annoying, especially if there are no parking spots left,” Cassandra Gunther, of Colonie, said.

A driver who parked front and center at Crossgates Mall, taking up two spots that face handicap parking gave her reason why she does it.

“The thing that drives me crazy is when I have a brand new car that I spent $36,000 on and stuff like this happens to it, scratches, and dents from people backing into it and not caring.”

Understandable but it’s not enough to convince other drivers who also bought a new car.

“I’ll keep it away. You know, I just got that so I’ll keep it away. And I’m still only taking one spot, so it’s a little frustrating especially if someone has a nice car or something then I can see,” TJ Coyle, of North Greenbush, said.

“It’s just about being considerate of other people, more than anything,” Connie Dinovo, of Colonie, said.

In the city of Albany, double parking is illegal and violators could face a $75 fine.