ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – How do you feel when you’re cruising down the highway only to be slowed down by someone hanging in the left-hand lane.

They are not only blocking cars from passing but they’re breaking the law.

Even if you are driving the speed limit, you cannot camp out in the left-hand lane. What’s worse is when we see two slow cars or even trucks driving side by side, blocking both lanes.

“Driving slow in the left-hand lane, that’s what drives me crazy!” James Carpenter said. “It is dangerous. Driving 55mph in the left-hand lane, you should move over.”

Whether you’re the driver making others go mad or the one going mad.

“I have probably been the person to do that before,” Sarah Bowen said.

“Kind of, makes me get a little rage inside,” Geraldina Cooper said.

Michael Sweeney from AAA Hudson Valley says neither scenario is good.

He says the more you’re passing or being passed, the greater your odds of being in a crash.

“You don’t want to become the left lane camper basically and say as long as I’m already going the speed limit or greater, everybody else can figure out how to get around me,” Sweeney said. “They should get around you, but they should be able to get around you to the left, not to the right.”

That is the law. Any car driving slower than the normal speed of traffic must be in the right-hand lane, even if you are traveling the speed limit.