ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A lot of the drivers say it makes their blood boil when they’re forced to slam on the brakes because someone is crossing right in front of them.

Driving near the Capitol or down Central Avenue, chances are, you spot a few people playing a little game of frogger.

Jogging across four lanes, sometimes making it only halfway, this is when jaywalking drives people crazy.

“It’s rude and inconsiderate and it makes you almost get into a car accident,” Paige Waters said.

“It puts people at risk to get hit,” Julianne Moran said.

It gets worse when pedestrians aren’t paying attention. It slows down traffic or stops it altogether.

“I see pedestrians on their phones just not paying attention when the light is green and stuff like that it gets really annoying,” Geraldina Cooper said.

On the other hand, some drivers say jaywalking doesn’t bother them as long as people are considerate. They admit to skipping crosswalks themselves when cars aren’t around.

“I think as long as people are being careful of their own safety and also not inconveniencing drivers then there’s no problem, you cross the road when it’s safe to do so,” A Troy man said.

Don’t forget mom’s great advice.

“Look both ways, just like my mom taught me.”

Jaywalking is rarely enforced.

Last June, Colonie Police cracked down on jaywalkers on Central Avenue near Colonie Center. Police handed out nearly 100 tickets in two days to people who did not wait for the crosswalk signal.