ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s all about drivers caught in gridlocks and not leaving room for side streets or blocking intersections altogether.

It’s probably happened to you, your light turns green but you can’t drive forward because other cars are still stuck in the intersection.

Frank DeGraw couldn’t leave any faster and finally breaking free of drivers who block his street.

“We’re tired of the congestion. We moved out of the area,” DeGraw said. “It’s always Russian roulette when you’re coming out into the median on Central Ave. I’ve heard it referred to as the suicide lane.”

At this hour, Central Avenue in Colonie takes no prisoners. Cars line up on side streets, all hoping for a break. Some drivers waiting to take a shot at a left-hand turn, only to hold up traffic in both directions.

Michael Sweeney from AAA Hudson Valley sees too often.

“I think probably my two biggest pet peeves are people that pull into an intersection because they have a green light, but no room to clear the intersection at the other end,” Sweeney said.

Blocking the box, as they call it in NYC is not only dangerous; it’s illegal everywhere in New York State.

It was enough to drive DeGraw out of Albany County.

“No more Central Ave for this guy,” DeGraw said.

You can be ticketed for blocking an intersection and yes that includes side streets!