ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Chances are you or someone you know is battling some sort of nasty cold right now.

NEWS10 sat down with a nurse practitioner who has her hands full at a local urgent care and a local doctor whose home remedy is now on store shelves.

Unfortunately it’s cold season again, but some local entrepreneurs may have the cure for you.

“I need to be 110 percent for my daughter because I love her,” said Andrew Blechman, co-founder of Dr. Schnuffies.

Andrew Blechman couldn’t afford to be sick when he visited his daughter, Lillie, in Germany. But, it wasn’t easy for him to stay healthy.

“I don’t have a great immune system,” Blechman said.

No remedy on the market ever worked for him, until he sought help from his internist, Dr. Alan Inglis, who developed a special formula for him.

“It just always worked like 99 percent of the time,” Blechman said. “I would have to go to a store and buy about 20 different products and then take it with me. I couldn’t travel with it.”

He dealt with it for about 10 years before he finally asked Dr. Inglis if it would be possible to create one all-encompassing tablet. Inglis said it would be possible.

That conversation was the start of Dr. Schnuffie’s wellness formulas, named after Blechman’s nickname for his daughter.

So far they’re selling two products, one based on Blechman’s original formula that you take when you’re starting to feel the symptoms of a viral illness like a cold or sore throat.

“You need to catch a cold early and so if you can do that, you can actually turn it around in a few hours to a few days,” Inglis said.

Their daily vitamin to prevent you from catching an illness is what makes them different from other remedies, which includes a high potency of vitamins a and d and the mineral zinc.

“There’s nothing else like that being used in this country at this time,” Inglis said.

So with Dr. Schnuffie’s, they hope to keep those sneezes and sniffles away.

“It certainly helped me and I really hope that it helps others, because I know it will,” Blechman said.

You can find their products here at Honest Weight, other co-ops from here to Boston and online.