TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Saturday night, dozens gathered inside Trinity church in Lansingburgh to offer what they believe is the best weapon against aggression: prayer.

“I do believe that prayer is the best weapon. The best support. The best mental guidance and a lot of people are praying for peace and that is what we want,” says Father Vasyl Dovgan of Saint Nicholas’ Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Troy. Saint Nicholas’ church partnered with Trinity to offer the prayer service.

As the service went on, candles were lit and lifted up high to remember those who have perished in the war. “This is our church and it was something that was something we really wanted to do,” says Trinity church parishioner Stacy Draper, “prayers help, definitely. You have to do a lot of different things in a situation like this.” 

David Jones, who is also a parishioner at Trinity Episcopal, is a HAM radio operator. Prior to the outbreak of war, he would often communicate with people in Ukraine. Since hostilities began, he has heard nothing but radio silence.

“Basically all of the communications have stopped and actually HAM radio operators in the United States aren’t even speaking with HAM radio operators in Russia. They went off the air also,” Jones says.