CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Students going back to school not only need to come equipped with supplies like pencils and notebooks, but also the state-mandated vaccinations. While the pandemic may have caused some families to fall behind, local health clinics are here to help.

Ellis Medicine and Ellis Family Health Center are holding their annual back-to-school vaccination clinic for Schenectady students to get up-to-date. The mandatory immunizations include, but are not limited to those for tetanus, polio, MMR, and chickenpox.

“A lot of times, those are already done in their pre-school years, and heading into school,” said Dr. John Petrillo, Ellis Family Health Center Physician, “but as we go, there are certain booster shots that are needed along the way that the schools will require, and New York State will mandate.”

The booster requirements run through the middle and high school years. Dr. Petrillo explained that, while these are usually done at yearly physical appointments, the pandemic highlighted and exacerbated issues of access, so some families may have fallen behind.

“A lot of times, people weren’t able to because of one reason or another,” Dr. Petrillo said, “whether that be on the family and certain dynamics that come up, or whether that be on the provider’s offices that really couldn’t due to the pandemic and staffing.”

The clinic will be held Monday through Thursday at the McClellan Street Health Center.