CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Gas prices have spiked in the past year, reaching record highs over the summer before dropping. Diesel prices have also gone up, which could make it more costly for local communities to get snow off the roads this winter.

According to AAA, diesel prices in New York State are more than $2.00 higher than they were last year. Diesel prices have dropped somewhat over the past six months, after hitting a record high of $6.54 in May.

Cohoes Comptroller Mike Durocher said that through October 31, the city’s expenses on diesel fuel have increased over 76% year to year. “We have enough money, we have been doing budget transfers all year long to cover the overages from other accounts that we didn’t use,” Durocher explained, “so we are prepared to spend about $150,000 this year.”

Although the city is on New York state contract for these supplies, officials say that price isn’t the only issue. Availability isn’t always immediately guaranteed.

“You’re hearing about the possibility of a rail strike, and some of the fuels are going to be shipped by rail,” said Cohoes Mayor Bill Keeler, “but availability is going to be a concern.”

That’s not the only winter weather cleanup concern on municipalities’ radars. “I’m understanding that salt’s going to be a challenge this year, not only cost-wise, but just getting the salt,” said Glenville Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle. “When they deliver the salt to us, we have to pay the diesel increase for what they’re paying to get the salt to us.”

Koetzle said that, while the town is struggling with the costs, he’s working to make sure it takes as little out of residents’ pockets as possible. “We’re doing everything we can to mitigate the impacts to the taxpayer by making sure we’re pre-purchasing things, we’re buying things in bulk, we’re in contracts for our electricity that will mitigate against spikes during the winter,” he said.

Both municipalities feel their fleets are ready to tackle snow this winter.