EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) –Lapinski Dental is taking candy from willing kids and adults. Not just to prevent cavities, but to give back to troops overseas. No tricks are being used to get these donations in.

The dental office has a history of celebrating and fundraising, most recently with their office pumpkin carving contest. The dentists are following this up with their candy buyback program.

“For the last ten years, our office has been participating in some sort of buyback program. Four years ago, we partnered with the Blue Star Moms,” said Dr. Caley Barile, DMD.

Dr. Barile explained the two groups work together to send candy to service members who cannot spend the season with family. “We’ve had a lot of really generous donations both from patients but also from the community, particularly the local elementary schools. Truckloads of donations to help participate.”

Some of the troops who end up getting the candy happen to be patients at the dental office. Dr. Joseph Lapinski says the thanks they get when they come back from deployment mean everything.

“They get stuff at Christmas and other holidays, but Halloween is not generally something where they give the same amount of stuff. So they are happy with that.”

The dental office is handing out toothbrushes in exchange for the sweet goods until November 9 at 114 Troy Road in East Greenbush. Both doctors are hoping to surpass past records.

“Big or small, doesn’t matter. We’ve had up to about 200 pounds of candy sent overseas during the season, so it gets to be a lot. We box it all up and whatever it is we make sure it gets to where it needs to go,” described Dr. Lapinski, DDS.