PITTSFIELD, M.A. (NEWS10) — Authorities in Pittsfield are trying to identify a decomposed  body found in a local park.

Clouds hung ominously over the empty historic park where the grim discovery was made Tuesday morning. 

An unsuspecting city employee cutting brush in swampy area discovered the remains.

The area where the advanced decomposed corpse was located sits adjacent to a local baseball field.

We reached out to the Pittsfield Police Department who had no comment and referred us to the Berkshire County DA’s office.

The DA’s office declined to comment as the investigation continues.

The medical examiner’s office collected the remains. The office has yet to ID the remains. 

The Berkshire eagle reported the remains were found near to a tent, leading to the suspicion that the deceased was homeless.

We reached out to Bill Buckley the CEO of Soldier On, a local organization that supports homeless veterans in particular to assess how bad the local homeless situation is. 

“And I know there has been an encampment at Springside park that has been pretty well publicized and other areas that were Kona parks I’ve heard in the past has had encampment of those who are homeless, and there’s others around the city” said Buckley.

Buckley says some homeless choose to live in an encampment rather than a shelter.

“Some people don’t feel safe in the shelter, or some people have had issues with other individuals in a shelter, it could be some of that, or it could be just a choice I’d rather be outdoors in a tent than inside in the shelter” said Buckley.

Buckley says while the problem exists, the organization Service Net well as multiple shelters in Pittsfield, have been trying to address the problem.

“There’s a shelter at Saint Joseph high school that has been available from relieve the COVID era forward and has been a resource for those who are struggling with homelessness” Buckley said.

Police do not believe there is any threat to the general public. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Detective Bureau at the number on your screen.

(413 448-9705)