ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Death Wish Coffee picked up national notoriety winning a Super Bowl commercial. Now to add to the buzz, they’re making new vodka with Albany Distilling Company.

Maybe you’ve tried Ironweed whiskey made at the Albany Distilling Company. Well now they’ve paired with Death Wish Coffee to make specialty vodka.

“We infused the coffee into the vodka already, the cold brew coffee, and now we are doing a hop portion where we are adding the beans to the vodka,” said John Swedish, Production manager of Death Wish Coffee.

From there they filter… then bottle.

Swedish says the collaboration between the two companies began several years ago to create the Death Wish barrel brand coffee beans.

“We started off with a barrel aged process using barrels strictly from Albany Distilling,” Swedish explained.

They use bourbon, rye and rum barrels to age the beans before they’re roasted.

“All of the residual spirit left in the barrels would transfer to the beans and the roasting would lock it right in there,” said John Curtin, co-owner of Albany Distilling Company.

Curtin says after a few years they decided to take their relationship to the next level by using Death Wish beans to make some vodka.

“And the nice thing part about using the vodka with Death Wish is that since the vodka doesn’t bring a lot of character to it, it allows their delicious coffee to shine through,” said Curtin.

Albany Distilling Company started up about five years ago making just whiskey. They have three different types known as Ironweed, rye bourbon and malt, all from New York State grain.

Rick Secari is the other owner at Albany Distilling.

“We have well over a hundred barrels here aging and just transforming over time,” said Secari.

He says the collaboration is a huge part of who they are, working with the Super Bowl commercial winning company Death Wish, as well as other local breweries and companies.

The first batch of 2,500 bottles has already been pre-sold to liquor stores and bars. It’s expected to move quickly. You can find them on shelves May 2.