OTIS, Mass. (NEWS10) — A rash of home break-ins in several western Massachusetts neighborhoods. NEWS10 speaking with law enforcement on how they are asking the community to stay vigilant. 

Three police agencies in Berkshire and Hampden counties say five homes within a five-mile radius were broken into, in broad daylight.  

“People are desperate, you know? Desperate times, desperate measures. And they’re taking it to the next level and breaking in during the day,” said Otis Police Department Sergeant, Tammy Weidhass. 

Law enforcement in Tolland, Otis and Sandisfield are working together to catch those responsible. Sgt Weidhaas says the break-ins occurred on the same day, last week.  Witnesses say all involved the same white box truck with orange markings. 

“Leading us to believe it was either a U-Haul or a Home Depot box truck. We are being told the box truck has dual rear wheel tires. So, it stands out a little bit,” said Weidhass. 

Sgt. Weidhaas believes more than one person is involved. Police are asking folks to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. 

“If you see something say something. We’re asking that people call us immediately. Don’t wait. Don’t wait to talk to your neighbor or your family member, call us,” said Weidhass.  

Sgt. Weidhaas says various items were stolen from the homes and says safety for Otis’ residents is a concern. 

“There’s always a danger and I never wanna give a false sense of security, but I would like to believe since this has happened that people are more vigilant, and we received more calls for suspicious vehicles,” said Weidhass.  

Many people may not know if a delivery truck or utility van in their neighbor’s driveway is legitimate. 

In Tolland, officials are posting to social media the identification badges and vehicle descriptions of legitimate workers in the region so neighbors can tell who’s supposed to be there or not.