SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Mourners with Saratoga Black Lives Matter gathered at Congress Park to remember the life of Darryl Mount, 10 years later.  BLM activists planned to hold a memorial for Mount this past Sunday. However, the event was cancelled over concerns of safety for attendees when police responded to an armed robbery at the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream on the corner.

Saratoga BLM decided to reschedule the vigil for Monday, during their first ever Freedom Flea market.

“The person or the criminal was out at large at the time. So, he wasn’t caught until a couple hours later. So, we thought it would be safer just to cancel the event and just continue to talk about Darryl, today,” said Saratoga BLM co-founder, Samira Sangare.

Members of the group came together to remember the life of the 24-year-old, biracial man who died in 2014 after a police chase in 2013. Police say that Mount died from the injuries he suffered when he fell from scaffolding. The group disagrees and is renewing their calls for justice.

“You know, Saratoga BLM, we’re going to continue to say his name and people just need to remember there’s a reason that black people don’t feel safe here. That’s why, you know, we had this Freedom flea market, and we want to promote black vendors, black poets, black artist and just bring it all back to Darryl. Because he’s actually the heart of Saratoga BLM,” said Sangare.

Saratoga Springs Mayor, Ron Kim, asked the Attorney General’s office to look into the matter last year, and now says they are investigating this case as well as other incidents involving the police department’s interaction with the community.

“It’s not really specifically about Darryl Mount as much as it’s about the former administration,” said Kim.

“It’s been ten years of no answers.  So, it’s about time and I’m ready to hear what they come up with,” said Sangare.

Mayor Kim says the city has now spent over $100,000 to investigate the previous administration’s handling of the investigation.