ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -When it comes to picking out what you’re going to serve this Thanksgiving, a survey from the American Farm Bureau Federation says a family of ten will pay over sixty dollars for just staples. For families who are struggling, help is available.

And it starts in kitchens like Maisah Walton’s, a member of Sister To Sister Awakening. She and six others working with donations equaling a thousand dollars of food, while donating her own money and time.

“We don’t get a lot of support financially. We have to do it out of pocket. Everything we do is out of pocket,” stated Waltson.

Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen also getting ready for a mix of uncooked dinners and individual meals. Their whole operation costing around $7,000. “We are looking to deliver about 800 meals and 1200 walk-ins through the door,” described the owner, Ally B. Williams.

That averages out to about $4.50 per meal. As for transportation, Tech Valley Shuttle helping to spread warm meals by donating their drivers and vehicles.

“Outside areas like Troy, Schenectady, Amsterdam. Individuals within the community can get a good meal on Thanksgiving and be introduced to her restaurant,” explained CEO, Trent Griffin-Braaf.

As for the cooks, Walton and Williams say the reason they give to the community is to make it a better place and welcome anyone to take advantage of a warm meal this holiday. “We will get a meal to you. And yes, this money that we spend is nothing compared to what we are going to create,” said Williams.

Ally B’s will be delivering baskets to cook at home from November 27 to 29. On November 30, they will be giving out entire meals to families and individuals. For more on delivery and availability, check out their website or call (518) 729-3472.

Sister to Sister Awakening will be holding their 4th Annual Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving Event on November 18. It will run from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 417 Central Ave in Albany at The Lab Studio. Their phone number is (518) 307-4008.