ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) –It’s been over a year since former Governor Cuomo resigned due to sexual harassment allegations. On Wednesday he posted a video to his Twitter titled, “What’s Next?” In his eight minute recording, Cuomo said the past few months have given him a new perspective on politics. Now, he says he’s concerned for the state of our country, “I believe our democracy is imperial and that this is a critical time in our nation. But we are more divided than at any time since the civil war. No one talks, everyone yells, and no one believes anyone.”

The ex-Governor says this divisiveness has led him to create a political action committee. What exactly is a PAC? Blair Horner, Executive Director at New York Public Interest Research Group explained, “So that then he can use his campaign war chest, which is now around $10 million, to fund candidates that he likes. So this is a way for him to transfer the campaign contributions that he received when he was running for Governor and give them to people that he thinks are good.” Horner said the question being raised is whether or not that $10 million is being used for things outside of PAC.

Who will Cuomo choose to fund? Right now, it’s unknown. “We need people who are committed to fight for change and get results, we need people with the character and capacity to stand up and lead, and take the heat that goes with leadership,” said Cuomo who is also starting up The Gun Safe America Project. “I do not believe our federal government has the courage or the capacity to make real progress. President Biden gave a speech a couple of weeks ago saying he was determined to pass an assault weapons ban, but the Senate just passed a gun bill and it had no ban and it had no capacity limits,” he said.

Cuomo also said he will be doing a weekly podcast to hear and address New Yorkers issues, “Now this forum will be different. My intention is to speak the full truth unvarnished from the inside out Frank you candid.”