ALBANY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV/NEWS10) — In response to a sixth woman accusing New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo of inappropriate behavior, local lawmakers on Wednesday night called for the Governor to step down. 

In a statement, State Senator John Mannion said:

I commend the women who have stepped forward to share their experiences. The stories are heartbreaking and I believe they are the truth. These brave New Yorkers have established a credible pattern of abhorrent and possibly criminal behavior by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The nursing home lies and the attempt by senior officials to cover it up are also unforgivable and indefensible.

These issues rise above the level of partisan politics or ideological fights – maintaining the public’s trust in government requires those of us in elected office to hold ourselves to a higher standard of conduct. The Governor has clearly failed to meet that standard. 

The ability of the Governor and his aides to lead New York is compromised beyond repair. It’s time for them to do the right thing and step aside for the sake of all New Yorkers.

It’s critical that we continue to investigate these claims even after the Governor leaves office. There must be accountability and a public record. Albany’s long standing culture of harassment and corruption must end. Our state deserves nothing less.

State Senator John Mannion

State Senator Peter Oberacker stated:

Another day in Albany and more disturbing allegations leveled at Governor Cuomo.  Enough is enough.  Several women have come forward with serious, credible charges of sexual harassment and it is time we put them first.  As the picture of abuse becomes clearer by the day, we need to turn our focus to impeachment.

The next time Andrew Cuomo holds one of his press conference performances, to issue more disrespectful, blanket denials, he should be on his own without the New York State seal in front of him.  Our state, and the women who have come forward, should not be disgraced any further. 

Multiple investigations are underway due to the governor’s apparent coverup of nursing home deaths and abusive behavior.  He failed to protect our vulnerable senior citizens, and his self-serving behavior continued behind closed doors.  All involved need be held accountable.

It is time for our state to begin the healing process.  Governor Cuomo must resign immediately or be shown the door.

State Senator Peter Oberacker

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro commented:

This situation has gone beyond disturbing and sickening. While I believe the Governor should resign and the State Legislature must move to impeach, my heartaches for those who have been victimized.

I pray for the survivors, the women who have come forward and those yet to speak out.

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro

Senate Republican Leader Robert Ortt said the following:

The Governor is no longer capable of leading New York at a time when we need leadership. New York State is still fighting this deadly pandemic and we are days away from beginning state budget negotiations. With so much at stake, he and his closest aides continue to plunge Albany into a morass of scandal, the scale and scope of which are truly unprecedented.

These are dark and shameful days for our state government. Despite all the swirling scandals, all the investigations, all the damning media reports, and all the victims of his destructive behavior coming forward, Governor Cuomo remains arrogantly defiant. The era of this Governor’s misdeeds must come to an end. We as state legislators must bring it to an end. I support my colleague Assembly Leader Barclay’s call for the Assembly to begin the impeachment process immediately.

Senate Republican Leader Robert Ortt

Assemblymember John T. McDonald III, while still advocating for action to be taken against the Governor, provided a new option as to what he should do:

The public trust is fundamental when elected to public office. While there can be differences of opinion as to approach in accomplishing the will of those we represent, the people who elect us rightfully expect integrity and for us to be held to a higher standard. Even one allegation of wrongdoing is enough to warrant a thorough investigation. There is no magic number of allegations that changes what is wrong and what is right. Everyone has a right to have their voice heard. We are at the point where Governor Cuomo is the subject of multiple investigations and the number of allegations continues to grow.

Since the Governor has said that he will not resign, I believe it is in the best interest of our State if Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul serves as Acting Governor until the Attorney General’s investigations or any other potential inquiries reach a conclusion or a removal determination under the law is made.

These are serious allegations and the people of New York State need steady leadership without distraction.

Assemblymember John T. McDonald III

Despite multiple calls to impeach the Governor, Nita Lowey, former U.S. Representative of New York’s 17th Congressional District, made a slightly contrasting statement:

I have been a friend of the Cuomo family for 47 years and known Andrew since he was a teenager. Like his father, Andrew has pursued a career in public service.

New Yorkers have elected him Governor three times. He has worked tirelessly, been a leader, and has delivered results for the people. I am saddened that recent accusations of misconduct toward women have led to calls for the Governor to resign or be impeached.

I believe that these charges deserve to be he heard. Attorney General Letitia James has appointed two outstanding attorneys to conduct an independent investigation. At least until they have reported their conclusions, the Governor should remain in office.

Nita Lowey, former U.S. Representative of New York’s 17th Congressional District

And, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan mentioned:

The act of speaking out after being victimized can be a deeply painful and traumatic experience. The young woman referenced in recent reports has the right to determine who she speaks to regarding her experience and when. The Attorney General has commenced an investigation into previous allegations against the Governor, and I have the utmost confidence in her ability to investigate this latest report.
At this time no criminal complaint involving this matter has been filed by the victim with the Albany Police Department, but Chief Hawkins assured me this evening that APD stands ready to assist any victim who seeks to come forward.

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan