ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — State lawmakers from the Capital Region on both sides of the aisle agree that Governor Cuomo is making the right decision to resign, especially as the state continues to deal with the impact of the pandemic, and other challenges.

“It’s good that this governor’s reign of terror is going to be ending very shortly, but it should’ve taken place a long time ago,” Senator Jim Tedisco said.

“I think the Governor did the right thing for all of New York, and from my perspective, clearly demonstrates that he loves New York,” said Assemblymember John McDonald.

Democrats in the Assembly agree that the scandal was creating a distraction, especially as the state continues its fight against COVID-19.

“We’re here to do things for the people of the State of New York. It would be much better if we simply had a better functioning government, than having to impeach a governor,” said Assemblymember Phil Steck.

Steck points to the state’s slow rollout of federal relief for renters and landlords as a sign the outgoing governor could have been distracted.

Meanwhile, Tedisco says the only distraction was Cuomo himself, as he hopes the resignation doesn’t mean he won’t be held accountable for the alleged actions detailed in the Attorney General’s report.

“I hope shortly the New York nightmare will come to a complete end, but there’s a long way to go. He can’t just deny, deny, continue to besmirch those who told the truth,” he said.

Local Democrats aren’t sure what the future will hold for the outgoing governor, but say they’re looking forward to looking with a new governor, with Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul set to take Cuomo’s position in two weeks.

“She will take the good from the Cuomo administration, and bring it forward, and also bring her own flavor to the mix,” McDonald said.

As lawmakers on both sides of the aisle hope the state can turn a new chapter, however long that may take.

“It’s good to say goodbye, but we can’t say goodbye to the other misdeeds, so that’s gotta be completed. I don’t accept the fact that we should just allow him to walk away,” Tedisco said.