ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Lawmakers are no longer just tackling the question of will they impeach Governor Andrew Cuomo, but if there’s even enough time. 

“I know the governor would not want us to continue beyond yesterday. I’m here to get to the bottom of this and hold the individuals responsible accountable,” said Republican Assembly Judiciary Committee Member Mary Beth Walsh. 

Despite Cuomo’s plans to resign, the Assembly Judiciary Committee is still scheduled to meet on Monday and discuss the next steps into their impeachment probe.  Walsh joined Republican judiciary members issuing a statement on their intent to continue the impeachment investigation.  

“We need to continue to move forward to see what there is there, and if it’s severe enough, I think we should be bringing articles of impeachment,” Walsh said.  

Constitutional scholar Len Culter said impeachment is possible, but the clock is ticking.  

“Once he leaves office, according to the constitution, he’s no longer in office so he can’t be impeachable,” Cutler said.  

The New York State Constitution says the governor can be impeached and either removed from office or removed and disqualified to ever run for future public office. On Wednesday, there were only 13 days for lawmakers to finish their investigation and potentially impeach the governor.  

“I don’t think the Republicans are in a terrific position to dictate what happens in the process. I think the democratic majority really did its job, took this governor to task and as a result he resigned,” Democratic Assembly Judiciary Committee Member Phil Steck said.  

Steck said the public has a right to know what was found in the judiciary’s investigation, including other issues beyond sexual harassment like nursing home data and the governor’s book deal. Ultimately, he said the governor has been held accountable.

“To get this governor, once seen as all-powerful, to resign is a tremendous amount of accountability for what he did,” Steck said. 

The Assembly Judiciary Committee is scheduled to meet on Monday.