ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Charlotte Bennett—who in February said Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed her—met with investigators on Monday, her attorney, Debra Katz, said.

“One piece of new information that came to light today was the Governor’s preoccupation with his hand size and what the large size of his hands indicated to Charlotte and other members of his staff.”

Debra Katz
Legal representation for Charlotte bennett

As part of the independent investigation launched by the Attorney General’s Office into the Cuomo allegations, Bennett testified via Zoom for over four hours. Katz said Bennett gave investigators records and other documentary evidence to corroborate her claims against Cuomo and his senior staff.

“It is imperative that this investigation not only focus on Gov. Cuomo’s actions, but also on the culture of fear, abuse and secrecy” in the governor’s administration, Katz said. Bennett has said publicly that Cuomo cultivated a toxic environment that trickled down through the workforce, influencing man trusted advisors—frequently women—at the top.

“The investigators have been moving quickly, and with sensitivity, to get to the heart of these allegations. We remain confident that their investigation will substantiate Charlotte’s claims of sexual harassment against Gov. Cuomo, as well as the failure of his senior staff to meet their mandatory reporting requirements under the very laws he signed. She also provided detailed information about the sexually hostile work environment the Governor fostered in both his Manhattan and Albany offices and his deliberate effort to create rivalries and tension among female staffers on whom he bestowed attention,” a statement from Katz read in part.

“We urge others who have been subjected to inappropriate conduct by the Governor—and we know you are out there—to come forward with what you have experienced. And to those who observed the behavior, we urge you to do the same.”

Debra Katz