ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — While Governor Andrew Cuomo has remained fairly quiet after a third accuser came forward, calls for his resignation continue to grow louder. 

“So many things that happened under the governor’s watch were really just bulling tactics against legislators,” stated Republican Congresswoman, Claudia Tenney.

Congresswoman Tenney, who represents parts of Central New York, used to serve in the state assembly. She believes the governor should resign over issues regarding the nursing home scandal. 

“I’m so pleased he’s that so many Democrats have finally gotten a position where they can come out against the governor and it looks like it’s a very bipartisan move for him to resign right away,” stated Tenney.

Long Island Democratic Congresswoman, Kathleen Rice, also calling for his resignation. Other Democrats including local Assemblyman, Angelo Santabarbara, saying the same thing.

As of Tuesday, 6 additional lawmakers, who identify as socialists, are calling for Governor Cuomo’s impeachment. 

Recently, New York’s Attorney General received a referral letter from Governor Cuomo’s Office so that a search for an independent law firm to review the sexual harassment allegations made against the governor can formally begin.

Democratic New York State Senator, Todd Kaminski, is introducing legislation that if passed, would allow Attorney General investigations to take place without a referral from the governor. 

“The law I have before me in this process would allow the AG to be more independent, more empowered, and would be able to start investigating things without anyone’s permission,” said Kaminsky.

Kaminsky added that the legislation would also allow the Attorney General to control her own finances, so she wouldn’t need the governor sign the checks paying for the investigation.