ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Another woman has come forward accusing Governor Andrew Cuomo of inappropriate behavior. The latest accuser said the governor visited her home while touring flood damage in the Rochester area.

“I felt he was coming on to me in my own home,” said accuser Sherry Vill.

Vill and her attorney Gloria Allred plan to go to the New York State Attorney General’s office with photos displaying the alleged incident.

“I felt he was acting in a highly flirtatious and inappropriate manner, especially in front of my family and neighbors,” Vill said.

Allred plans to present evidence her client says shows the governor grabbing her face and kissing her while touring flood damage at her home in the town of Greece back in 2017. Vill called the incident unwelcomed and non-consenting.

“She’s going to start with the AG’s investigation and then we’ll have to see what, if anything, she’s willing to do after that,” Allred said.

Allred said after the AG’s investigation they’ll decide their next move.

There’s another investigation being conducted by the New York State Assembly. Cuomo accuser Charlotte Bennett’s attorney has openly expressed concerns regarding the assembly’s inquiry.

“I am disappointed by it quite frankly because we have a chair who is heading this, Chuck Levine, who is above reproach,” said Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy.

The hesitancy of accusers to publicly support the assembly’s impeachment inquiry worries Assemblymembers Patricia Fahy and Angelo Santabarbara. Fahy has called on the governor to step aside until the investigation finishes. Santabarbara has called on the governor to resign.

“The judiciary committee has a job to do. They have their work to do. They’re going to have to figure out how to do their jobs. They’re going to have to figure out how to respect everyone involved,” Santabarbara said.

The governor’s attorney Rita Glavin has dismissed the latest accusation: “As I have said before, the governor has greeted both men and women with hugs, a kiss on the cheek, forehead or hand for the past forty years.”

The attorney also provided photos of the governor kissing and hugging another person during the same trip in front of a crowd.