ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced over $1.4 million in grant money, awarded across the state to train over one thousand New York workers.

The governor’s office on Monday released a statement detailing how the funds would be divided, with close to $800,000 going to businesses and non-profit organizations in the Capital Region.

We are investing in our future by providing New Yorkers with the skills they need to succeed in the industries of tomorrow. With these awards, we are continuing to strengthen and diversify our workforce while helping to ensure that New Yorkers will be sought after employees in highly-competitive industries.

Statement from Gov. Cuomo

Capital Region awardees include:

The grants fund professional skills training opportunities that make individuals in the labor force more marketable in the culinary, medical care, and disabilities industries. The community-based organizations supported by the grant in and around the capital focus on veterans, individuals with disabilities, and individuals with low income and low education levels.