ORLANDO, Fla. (NEWS10) — The Ballston Spa man convicted on an Attempted Murder charge, who left Albany County Supreme Court before his guilty verdict was read, was found dead Thursday night in Orlando. Michael Green, who also goes by Michael Edwards was first found barricaded inside an apartment near the city.

Police in Orlando have reported that Green was found dead due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound after a five-hour standoff. The stalemate came to an end around 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

This led to a nearly two-week-long search by law enforcement, culminating in Thursday night’s standoff. The 36-year-old was found guilty of Attempted Murder and Criminal Possession of a Weapon on June 10. Officials said he fired a handgun at a home on Old Loudon Road in Colonie during a drive-by in April 2020.

Prior to trial, officials say the defendant was released on a $100,000 bond and gave no indication that he would take off. “He has been appearing to court, while free for the entirety of the week-long trial and that basically said to us okay maybe he will appear and legally, that suggests he’ll appear for the verdict, and he did not,” said Darrell Camp Director of Communications at Albany County District Attorney’s Office. A bench warrant was issued for his arrest after he fled court.

George LaMarche is a local defense attorney and founding member of LaMarche Safranko Law PLLC. He has had similar situations where his clients left the courtroom and never returned. “It’s very rare that it does happen, and when it does happen the defense attorney is left wondering where the client is, the court is saying the client is supposed to be here why isn’t the client here, people have to go and find the client to bring the client back in– it can make a real mess of the proceedings for sure.”

Prior to leaving, Green was out on bail and some may blame the state’s current bail reforms. but Lamarche says it’s hard to make that judgement. “It really goes back to whether if he’s a risk of flight and if he wasn’t a risk of flight before bail reform– he’s not a risk of flight after bail reform that’s really what the judges are consider determining the amount of bond or whether any bond should be set to allow him to stay out pending the outcome of the case.”

Green was never sentenced. He could have faced up to 25 years in prison, but a bench warrant was issued for his arrest after he fled court.