TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Troy detectives arrested two juveniles, 17 in separate investigation on December 15. The two allegedly had loaded, illegal handguns.

On December 15, detectives conducted an operation connected to several active investigations of violent crimes in Troy. Detectives report they identified a juvenile that was traveling as a passenger in a car, they pulled over the car on 9th Street and the juvenile immediately fled on foot. Detectives report they eventually caught him and during his capture, the juvenile reached into his waistband and threw a loaded, illegal handgun on the ground. Police report he was then arrested, processed in to the Juvenile Services area, arraigned and remanded to a youth detention facility.

Detectives explain this same individual was arrested in late 2021 when he again fled from the police and had a loaded, illegal handgun. He was arrested then released to his parents and never returned for a court appearance. A bench warrant was issued and detectives have been looking for the individual since.

A separate incident also took place within the same detectives operation. Police report another 17-year-old was involved in an active Troy investigation and seen in the area of 5th Avenue in North Central Troy. Police report a search warrant was issued at the juveniles residence. He was found to have a loaded, illegal firearm. He was then arrested, processed in our Juvenile Services area, arraigned and released to his parents. Police add that the juvenile was also charged with criminal trespass in connection with an incident earlier this year. Officers explain the incident found several people illegally trespassing in a residence during an investigation where four illegal, loaded handguns were seized.