TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — An important update after a Troy Police canine (K9) was stabbed 12 times while responding to a burglary early Wednesday morning. K9 Norbi was released from Upstate Veterinary Specialties in Latham on Wednesday afternoon. A number of law enforcement officers lined the path as Norbi was escorted out and into a K9 police cruiser.

Police responded to reports of an unknown suspect attempting to break into residences in the area of Donegal Avenue in the Emerald Greens neighborhood. K9 Norbi and his handler were one of the first arriving units in search of the suspect. Troy police say K9 Norbi began tracking the suspect and led the officers into a wooded area near Donegal Avenue. Norbi and his handler found the suspect in a wooded area and tried taking him into custody.

“The K9 handler attempted to use a taser,” said Troy Assistant Police Chief Steven Barker. “It was ineffective to control the defendant. Luckily, additional officers were nearby at the scene.”

Barker says the suspect stabbed Norbi with a knife multiple times. The dog was removed from the situation by his handler and was taken to nearby Upstate Veterinary Specialties for evaluation and treatment. While the initial assessment was critical but stable condition, it was a welcome salute to see Norbi back on his feet.

According to law enforcement, another officer, not Norbi’s handler, sustained a broken foot as well. The suspect was bitten, and then treated and released from a local hospital later Wednesday. Identified as Curtis Knockwood, he was arraigned on several charges.

The charges are in connection to his attempted entering of two separate residences, the theft of equipment from another shed, and the injuries he caused to K9 Norbi. They are: Attempted Burglary 2nd (2 Counts), Burglary 3rd (1 Count), Criminal Possession of Burglars Tools (1 Count), Criminal Mischief 4th (1 Count), Petit Larceny (1 Count), Criminal Trespass 3rd (1 Count), Resisting Arrest (1 Count), Assault 2nd (1 Count), Menacing a Police Officer (1 Count), Criminal Possession of a Weapon (1 Count), Injuring a Police Animal (1 Count), and Aggravated Cruelty to an Animal (1 Count).

Twelve hours after the incident, Norbi was released and received the same honor as any other officer injured in the line of duty, with the sound of applause rising from the lines of fellow area law enforcement officers outside the veterinary hospital.

“We recognize that dogs are tools, but nonetheless, they are still members of our agency that we deal with and work with every single day,” Barker told NEWS10’s Anya Tucker.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call the Troy Police Detectives at (518) 270-4421.