SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Schenectady man pleaded guilty to failing to register or verify as a sex offender on Tuesday. Joseph Fowler, 40, is a level two sex offender who allegedly contacted a young girl via Instagram, took sexually suggestive photos of her, and fled the state after receiving an appearance ticket, following his arrest.

Fowler was arrested back in August of 2021. State Police opened an investigation into Fowler’s activities after receiving a complaint on August 15, 2021, that he had inappropriate contact with a minor. Fowler contacted the minor on Instagram offering to take pictures of her modeling, police said. Fowler allegedly took sexually suggestive photos of the girl, and then showed the photos to another young female. Fowler operated under the Instagram handle “evolvedphotography,” and did not register the screen name, as he is required to do so as a registered sex offender.

As a result of the investigation, Fowler was charged with failure to register or verify as a sex offender by the Schenectady Police Department and was issued an appearance ticket. Fowler never appeared on his ticket and fled to the area of Flint, Michigan, per the district attorney’s office. They also said Michigan State Police, along with the United States Marshalls found Fowler in Michigan and apprehended him in May of 2022, eight months after he left New York State.

Fowler is set to receive one to three years of imprisonment, as a result of his plea. The indeterminate sentence means that the Department of Corrections and Parole board may hold the defendant for as little as one year and as many as three based on their internal determinations.