ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Rotterdam man was arrested on Sunday after showing up to the Rotterdam GameStop, told workers he was there to inspect their lighting, and eventually filled a duffle bag with merchandise and left. Jeffrey Caruso, 34, faces several charges.

On Saturday, Rotterdam Police say Caruso went to the Rotterdam GameStop with a duffle bag and a toolbox and told employees he was there to inspect their lighting. After a scan of the store, he left and said he would be back Sunday to fix the lights.

“The employees believed that he was there for that,” said Lt. Kyle Girard of the Rotterdam Police Department.

Law enforcement says on Sunday, Caruso came back. He allegedly filled his duffle bag with merchandise while in the back. Store employees eventually confirmed he was not a hired contractor or inspector.

Police say employees then confronted Caruso when he was leaving the store. Caruso allegedly struck the employees and left the store with his duffle bag filled with merchandise.

Lt. Girard said a witness saw Caruso leave the scene and head toward a nearby apartment complex.

“When we checked that apartment complex, he was located on the balcony outside and was positively identified as that suspect,” Girard said.

Caruso was arrested a short time later.


  • Third-degree robbery
  • Fourth-degree grand larceny
  • Second-degree harassment