FULTON COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office shared a photo on its Facebook page of a fake inspection sticker found during a traffic stop on July 2. Police said it was “a very poor attempt” to fake the sticker.

The Sheriff’s Office said a traffic complaint led to the traffic stop and the finding. The driver was also reportedly arrested for driving while intoxicated.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office reminds drivers that faking an inspection sticker is a misdemeanor in New York, as it’s in violation of Vehicle and Traffic Law 306 (E), which states:

Any person who shall make, issue or knowingly use any imitation or counterfeit of an official certificate of inspection, or who shall possess or display or cause or permit to be displayed upon any motor vehicle any certificate of inspection knowing the same to be fictitious or issued without an inspection or required repairs having been made, or, who unlawfully mutilates a valid certificate of inspection or rejection, or who shall knowingly issue, obtain or present a false statement in connection with a waiver authorized by this article, or who unlawfully removes such a certificate from a motor vehicle

VTL 306 (E)

This isn’t the first time Capital Region drivers have been caught faking inspection stickers. The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office caught another person with the fake sticker in 2020. In January, the Mechanicville Police Department also caught someone with a fake inspection sticker.