COXSACKIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — According to the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association, Inc., (NYSCOPBA) two alleged gang fights broke out at Coxsackie Correctional Facility within the same day, resulting in minor injuries, additional disciplinary charges, and one incarcerated individual cut on their face from a sharpened chicken bone. The two fights happened on Sunday, April 23.

Law enforcement says the first fight occurred in the recreation yard around 6:46 p.m. when an officer assigned there saw two incarcerated individuals punching each other near the basketball court. Law enforcement says four additional inmates joined the fight, and several orders were given to stop the fighting.

The four who joined in complied with orders, while the initial two involved continued fighting, police say. OC spray was used to end the fight.

As the fight ended, the two initial inmates allegedly chased each other across the yard, one grabbing the other and holding him down while another cut him across his face with an unknown weapon. Law enforcement says the weapon was identified as a sharpened chicken bone.

An officer again ordered the two to stop fighting and go to the wall. Both complied, but law enforcement says the one who was cut charged an officer. Police say the officer grabbed the individual in a body hold and forced him to the ground. Once on the ground, he became compliant.

All seven involved were taken from the yard and brought to the infirmary for treatment. The one cut across the face suffered a laceration, while others were treated for minor injuries. Three were placed in Special Housing Units, and four remained locked in their respective cells. They all face disciplinary charges, according to law enforcement.

Later the same day at 7 p.m., law enforcement says staff members in the yard saw two incarcerated individuals exchanging punches to the head and body. Law enforcement says the two were ordered to stop fighting but ignored requests.

Once again, OC spray was used, and the fighting stopped. Both were taken to the infirmary and were treated for minor injuries. Police say both fights were a result of rival gang confrontations.

Following a search of two inmate cells on Thursday, April 27, staff recovered two ceramic cutting weapons. The first was found in a clothing bag of a cellmate, and the other was found in the pants pocket of the other. Police say both had tape on one end as a handle, both were seized, and the individuals face disciplinary charges.

“One month away from the halfway point of 2023 and there is no end in sight to the violence
inside our state prisons,” said Chris Moreau, NYSCOPBA Mid-Hudson Region Vice President. “As we approach the summer months and the warmer weather, there will no doubt be more incidents like the gang violence that occurred at Coxsackie last week. The officers did an excellent job containing both fights before they could escalate and thankfully no staff were injured. That is certainly not always the case and until our elected officials who supported and voted for the HALT Act wake up and realize it is an utter failure, the violence will continue. Until that day comes, we will continue to call for its repeal and for immediate action to be taken to address the ongoing violence.”