BENNINGTON, Vt. (NEWS10) — Bennington Police have captured attempted murder suspect Zachary Dumas, who police say was at large after a warrant for his arrest was issued on September 8. Police say the manhunt started on Thursday after Dumas jumped from a second-story apartment and was able to evade law enforcement.

On Thursday, around 1:30 p.m., Bennington Police received a tip saying Dumas was at 303 Pleasant Street. When they arrived, police say Dumas ran up a flight of stairs and locked himself in an apartment.

Police surrounded the building and waited for the renter to show up with a key. Police entered the apartment after receiving a key and consent to do so.

Police say Dumas dove out of a second-story window onto the roof of the building. He allegedly jumped from the rooftop, onto a garage and dove over a fence and hedgerow, escaping police.

The manhunt continued until Sunday, when around 6:45 p.m., Bennington Police received a tip saying Dumas was riding a bike on Gage Street, Division Street, and Division Place. Police learned he frequently visits 3 Division Place, a residence under investigation for illicit criminal activity.

Police went to 3 Division Place and found Dumas inside. Police say Dumas ran upstairs and left outside of a second-story window. He stayed on the roof for a period of time and eventually went back inside after seeing police surrounding the home.

A search warrant was issued for 3 Division Place, to which Dumas barricaded the door, preventing police from entering. Once police were able to enter, he was in custody within three minutes.

Dumas is held at Marble Valley Correctional Facility awaiting arraignment. He will be arraigned on Monday.