NORTH GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The North Greenbush Police Department is alerting residents of a string of mail thefts that have affected several homes within the community. Police received a report from resident Jessica Circle who allegedly found mail thrown away in her recycling bin, but was not hers. After further inspection, it was all outgoing mail from multiple Defreestville residents.

Officers determined each one likely contained a check, sent as a payment, but all the checks were missing. Those stealing the checks could potentially take all the account information on the checks and create counterfeit checks with that information.

All residents are being urged to check their accounts, and report any suspicious activity to the bank and North Greenbush Police Department immediately, especially if you’ve placed a check in your mailbox within the last several days. If you believe you were a victim and have not already spoken to an officer, please call 518-283-5323.