TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — North Greenbush Police have arrested James Chandler, 48, a homeless man from the Bronx, following a short investigation into a suspicious subject at the Berkshire Bank on North Greenbush Road. At about 11:19 a.m. on Saturday, alert bank employees called to report a man that was trying to withdraw $85,000 from an account with a suspicious driver’s license. Employees also told police that the man was acting strangely, police said.

When the first transaction was denied, the man asked to take out $5,000, according to police. Officers found the man, who maintained that he was the person listed on the driver’s license- which officers immediately found to be a fraudulent claim, they said. He was taken into custody and eventually identified as being James Chandler.


  • Second-degree attempted grand larceny (Felony)
  • Third-degree attempted grand larceny (Felony)
  • Second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument (Felony)
  • Second-degree forgery (Felony)
  • Second-degree identity theft (Felony)
  • Second-degree criminal impersonation (Misdemeanor)

Chandler was arraigned at North Greenbush Town Court and remanded to Rensselaer County Jail with no bail considering his extensive history of felony convictions. He is due back in court at a later date.

“This was great work by the bank employees,” said Chief David M. Keevern. “If they weren’t alert to the legitimacy of the documents and Chandler’s demeanor, there would have been a major financial loss. This type of vigilance coupled with the outstanding police work seen in this incident is what brings cases like this to a quick resolution so that victims are not majorly impacted and justice can be served.”

While somewhat similar to Felony Lane Gang behavior, it is not believed that Chandler is a part of that group. This incident matches more closely to another criminal ring that has been operating out of New York City, police said. The Detectives Office and arresting officers are continuing an investigation to determine if Chandler was a part of that ring and to identify the accomplice who had driven Chandler up from New York City, who fled the scene when officers arrived.