ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A new initiative has been announced to help police and prosecutors in five jurisdictions solve non-fatal shootings, and prevent gun violence. Two of the five jurisdictions include Troy and Schenectady.

According to Governor Kathy Hochul’s press office, police departments in Buffalo, Rochester, Schenectady, Troy, and Utica, and their county district attorneys’ offices, will share $866,564 in State funding to implement evidence-based approaches to improve investigations and save lives. The Troy Police Department will receive $80,272, the Rensselaer County District Attorney $31,438, the Schenectady Police Department $89,349, and the Schenectady County District Attorney $65,840.

The funding will help support police, prosecutors, and crime analysts working to solve non-fatal shooting cases when they are reported, similarly seen in homicide investigations. As a result, more evidence will be gathered, increasing the odds of identifying those responsible for the crime.

“The Troy Police Department is grateful and encouraged by New York State’s additional support provided through the most recent GIVE funding award,” said Troy Police Chief Dan DeWolf. “The funding provided by DCJS will be used to formalize existing relationships and dedicate personnel to specific gun-violence-related crimes. In the preparation of the application for this funding, we spent time reviewing the demonstration projects previously funded in Newburgh and Utica, and we believe the same positive impact can be accomplished in our community. This new project will complement our existing enforcement efforts. We have spent the last several years deepening existing relationships with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners through our involvement in multi-agency task forces and joint investigations. We will also continue to integrate the Capital Region Crime Analysis Center throughout our efforts as they serve as a force multiplier when involved as a partner in our joint mission of safer communities. Our statewide community response to gun violence is a multi-faceted issue that must include a variety of organizations and disciplines. We recognize and are committed to doing, our part to enforce the existing laws and hold those individuals accountable who willfully engage in reckless behaviors involving illegal firearms. We appreciate New York State’s increased focus on these issues and the Division of Criminal Justice Services continued investment in our Troy community.”  

“We thank the Governor for these funds, which will help us devote more resources to investigating and solving non-fatal shootings, which often result in deadly retaliation,” said Schenectady Police Chief Eric Clifford. “This is one of several evidence-based approaches that the Schenectady Police Department is utilizing to reduce crime, stop the cycle of violence, improve public safety, and save lives.”