HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Hudson doctor is facing several charges involving sexual contact with children. Columbia County District Attorney Paul Czajka said Ibrahim Rabadi, 63, of Red Hook, was arraigned on a sealed indictment in Columbia County Court on Tuesday.

The Hudson Police Department investigated the incidents, which are alleged to have occurred between 2018 and 2021 at Rabadi’s office at 98 Green Street in Hudson, where he specializes in pediatric and adolescent medicine. He also has a practice at 35 Jefferson Avenue in Catskill. The investigation began after two female victims reported separate incidents to police.


  • Course of sexual conduct against a child in the second degree (felony)
  • Two counts of forcible touching (misdemeanor)
  • Sexual abuse in the third degree (misdemeanor)
  • Two counts of endangering the welfare of a child (misdemeanor)

Rabadi’s lawyer gave NEWS10 the following statement:

“Dr. Ibrahim Rabadi is a dedicated family man with a wife, four children, and one grandchild. He has dutifully served the Hudson and Catskill communities for the past 30 years by providing quality medical care. Dr. Rabadi fully cooperated with the police during the underlying investigation, and he categorically denies the allegations against him.”

John D. Pappalardo

Clinical psychologist Dr. Rudy Nydegger explained to NEWS10 that parents should let their kids know what to expect at the doctor, and ask any questions they want about what should and shouldn’t happen in the exam room. He added that crimes, like those Rabadi allegedly committed, are detrimental to kids’ ability to be unafraid of the doctor.

“We work very hard to help the youngsters understand that this is a person who is safe. This is a person who is here to help you. This is a person you can trust,” Dr. Nydegger said, “and that’s a very fragile relationship. Trust is a tough thing, anyway.”

Local pediatrician Dr. Jim Saperstone said that, of all professions, a doctor acting as a sexual predator can intensify damage or trauma. He shared advice for parents who may have concerns or fears: “If they are going to a provider, or family doctor, or pediatrician, that is insisting the parents leave the room, the parents can say, ‘Look, in the future, I will be in the room with you until the doctor needs to talk to you about something, or examine something personal.’ Or, ‘I will be in the room with you unless you want me to leave.'”

If convicted, Rabadi faces a maximum of seven years in prison. The District Attorney’s Office requested that the court issue an order of protection barring Rabadi from having contact with the victims and anyone under 18. If you have information about the case or have similar allegations, you can contact Hudson Police Department detectives at (518) 828-3388. All calls will be kept confidential.