GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Glens Falls man has pleaded guilty in connection to a March bank robbery. Warren County District Attorney Jason Carusone said Joseph Skellie pleaded guilty on Friday to third-degree robbery, which is a felony.

Skellie is accused of robbing Glens Falls National Bank on Broad Street on March 28. The Glens Falls Police Department found that Skellie did not use or display a weapon, but he did give a handwritten note to the bank teller demanding money. 

An undisclosed amount of money was stolen, and the DA’s Office said the robbery note was recovered during the investigation. After the robbery, police said Skellie traveled to Vermont where he committed more criminal acts. He has been charged by the South Burlington Police Department for those incidents.

Skellie was arrested in connection with the Glens Falls incident in May. Officers were able to develop a suspect through a tip from an unrelated incident. Multiple warrants were executed and police said they were able to link Skellie to the bank robbery.

He is expected to be sentenced on October 5 to three and a half to seven years in prison, which is the maximum sentence for a predicate felon for third-degree robbery. Skellie is being held in Warren County Jail pending sentencing.