ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Shannon Brady, 52, of Albany was reportedly arrested for cashing a replacement loan check worth over $4,000. Though she denied having received the original, officials say she cashed one and signed the other over.

“Shannon Brady tried to scam the New York State and Local Retirement System by lying that she had never received a loan check,” said State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, who partnered with state police for a joined investigation. “We uncovered this fraud, and she will now be held accountable for her actions.”

New York State Police and the Comptroller announced the arrest on Tuesday, saying that the former New York State Department of Education employee lied to the New York State and Local Retirement System. In October 2021, authorities said she asked them for a $4,055 loan against her pension.

Authorities said Brady signed that loan check over to a third party to pay off a debt. Then, falsely claiming to never have received it, she got it replaced, and cashed that one.

A stop payment was placed on the first loan check, but the third party had already deposited it. Ultimately, however, the bank recovered the $4,055 from their account. Brady is scheduled to appear back in court on May 24.