TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Topeka police have arrested a Dairy Queen employee after a customer later noticed charges to her debit card from the internet subscription service site OnlyFans. The Topeka Police Department told NEWS10’s sister station KSNT that officers took Devin S. Brokmann, 18, into custody on March 16.

Devin Brokmann. (Courtesy Photo/Shawnee County Department of Corrections)

Brokmann faces charges including:

  • Theft
  • Criminal use of a financial card
  • Computer unlawful acts; False representation with damage

A customer who visited the Topeka Dairy Queen in February filed the police report that ultimately led to investigators looking into what was going on at the fast-food chain. She took her kids to the restaurant for lunch and when she paid, the victim said she noticed the drive-thru cashier took a long time to bring her debit card back.

The victim told KSNT shortly past midnight, she got notifications on her phone for $5.99, $10.99, and $35.99 charges to her bank, all reading that they were from OnlyFans. Later, she learned someone tried to buy content on OnlyFans three more times with her debit card information, but they were all declined.

OnlyFans, a site where fans can pay content creators for subscriptions for photos and videos, rose to notoriety during the pandemic as a platform for users to buy and sell sexual content. While the company tried to ban porn from its platform and put focus on other content categories in 2021, it later reversed that decision.

The victim told KSNT she emailed OnlyFans and called its online payment portal about the charges, who told her that Brokmann had been using her card through his OnlyFans account with a slightly altered name. The next day, she called the Dairy Queen she visited to confirm an employee’s name there matched the name on the OnlyFans account, and then called the police.

OnlyFans refunded the victim and told her it has since shut down the Dairy Queen worker’s account. When KSNT called the phone number associated with the Dairy Queen, it was set to reject all calls.

TPD also said there is a possibility that Brokmann was not the only employee involved in the card information theft. “Detectives are still following up leads to make sure there were no other victims and or participants,” said TPD Lt. Manuel Munoz.