ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Katherine Enger, 37, of Clifton Park, has been sentenced to a determinate term of 5 years in State Prison for a DWI incident in July. The indictment alleged that around July 11, Enger was driving under the influence of several drugs in the area of Cohoe Crescent Road, and caused severe physical injury to a victim.

The sentencing comes after Enger pleaded guilty to charges of Vehicular Assault, Assault, DWI, and Reckless Driving in September. The determinate term of 5 years will run concurrently with terms of 1 1/3 to 4 years in State Prison, 1 year in a local jail, and 6 months in a local jail.

“Lives were forever changed on the morning of July 11, 2021, because of the reckless and
criminal decisions made by one person—the defendant— to get behind the wheel and drive
while impaired by drugs,” said Assistant District Attorney Mary Tanner-Richter. “Hopefully, this sentence brings the victim and his loved ones some sense of justice as they continue rebuilding their lives, and acts as a reminder to all not to drive under the influence of any substance—the consequences could be fatal.”