ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -A series of car break-ins being reported around Albany’s Washington Park. Police calling these crimes of opportunity. The park is used by not only those visiting, but also local residents as a place to park their vehicles.

As one resident surveyed the damage, she realized her car wasn’t the only one broken into. “I walked out and thought, ‘I didn’t leave my window down.’ Then there was just stuff scattered across the park. It sucked walking out to see multiple people standing outside their cars within a few cars distance from each other. Same situation.”

Albany Police responded to the calls from the victims in the morning, now investigating crimes likely happening the night before. Officer Megan Craft has a few tips for anyone who parks their car in public spaces.

“We do encourage people to lock their vehicles and not keep personal things inside of their car. Typically, it’s a, ‘I’m going to break the window and steal the stuff that is inside of that vehicle.’ We urge anybody that has had their vehicles damaged and anything else to call us,” explained Craft.

For the woman who woke to a smashed window, she says there were no valuables in her car because this is not the first time she has seen this happen. “I’ve lived in a few different parts (of Albany) and its always been kind of a thing. It’s scary to say.”