ALBANY COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Albany County is still dealing with the aftermath of Tuesday’s snowfall. The varying landscape, from the cities to the hill towns, means different travel challenges, and approaches to clean-up.

County Route 14 in Berne was closed for a period of time Tuesday morning due to whiteout conditions from the massive snow piles blowing around.

“The snowbanks and the high winds up there, it’s making it impossible for people to see,” said Albany County Executive Dan McCoy.

The roads in that area, outside of CR-14, are also patchy. The winds that followed the nor’easter created those conditions on roads in East Berne and Westerlo, where some of the highest snow totals were reported.

McCoy commended the work of the DPW for clearing over 700 miles of roadway and making it passable after over two feet of snow landed in some areas of the county.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said county-wide, his office responded Tuesday to 115 hazards such as downed wires and accidents.

“We’re just encouraging people to stay off the roads in the hill towns. We will be knocking the snowbanks down over time. They already started doing that yesterday. There’s still a lot of work to do. The warmer weather on Friday is really going to help us, but then we’re going to be dealing with flooding, so be patient,” McCoy said.

In the City of Albany, a different scene. Less snowfall makes for faster cleanup, but some sidewalks remain crowded with snowbanks and slush. There, the Water Department is not as concerned about flooding. Commissioner Joseph Coffey said his department will be checking intersections to ensure catch basins are clear.

“Thankfully, a fair amount of the snow has already melted,” Coffey said Wednesday.