SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Fandom Fest was back for its second year to help bring people together to express themselves through cosplay- or even to check out the celebrity guests and artists.

But most importantly…the cosplay!

Stephen Henel was at the event and said that he likes seeing local and national talent.

“You get to see a lot of big Hollywood talent,” Henel said. “And you know, maybe showcase some of your own talents in cosplay as well.”

Jessica Cameris, the Event Coordinator for Fandom Fest, said a lot of hard work was put into organizing the festivities.

“So you can come, you can do all of the fun things that a convention would have, but you can also go to a Silent Disco, do a Paint and Sip, do a scavenger hunt, and have a very good event based time as well,” Cameris said.

The fest featured actors from shows like Highlander: the series, voice actors from anime shows like Bleach and One Piece, and Marvel and DC comic book artists. But many, like Isabella Varno, love attending conventions for the community.

“And also being able to geek out about your favorite shows,” Varno said. “Get to connect with local Comicon people and cosplayers. It’s just a lot of fun and a great way to make friends.”

And others, like Christina Watson and Michelle Fulfore, agree.

“Just, the whole vibe of the place is so fun,” Watson said.

“I haven’t been to a convention yet where I haven’t made a new friend,” Fulfore said. “So that’s why I continue to go. And I absolutely love cosplay!”

For Lonnie Linen, the event allows him to introduce an old way of gaming to a new generation.

“I see 6-year-old kids coming in and playing it… It’s awesome! Because we need new kids -new people coming into the hobby because it’s become a dying artform to collect and fix these games,” Linen said.

Organizers mentioned they are always looking for volunteers year-round and are already planning for next year’s event.