ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On September 11, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved updated COVID-19 vaccines for everyone 6 months and older. This comes as COVID infections could see an uptick in the fall and winter respiratory virus season.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) then approved the new COVID vaccine for everyone 5 years and older. Kids under 5 can also get the vaccine but they may need more than one dose.

In addition, the Biden administration announced they its providing $600 million in funding to produce new at-home COVID-19 tests and it’s restarting its COVID test website. The website will again allow Americans to order up to four free test per household.

The new vaccine is available at no-cost through most insurance plans. CVS Pharmacy will be participating in the CDC’s Bridge Access Program, which provided the vaccine for free to people who do not have health insurance or whose insurance does not cover the vaccine. CVS said some insurance companies are “still updating their systems and may not yet be set up to cover the updated COVID-19 vaccines. If this happens, our pharmacy teams can help patients schedule an appointment for a later date.”

If you’re looking to get the new vaccine, you may be wondering where you can go for it. NEWS10 checked in with different pharmacies and health departments around the area. Here’s where, when and how you can get the new COVID vaccine in the Capital Region.

Health departments

Only a few Capital Region health departments have so far returned NEWS10’s request on whether they have or are getting the updated vaccines. The Albany County Health Commissioner said they have received a very limited supply of vaccines and expect to receive more.

Fulton County Public Health said it has placed an order for the new COVID vaccine through the New York State Department of Health VFC/VFA Program. “Fulton County is sponsoring ADK Health and Wellness clinics,” said officials. “Once ADK has received their shipment of 2023-2024 COVID vaccine, registration will be opened to the public.”

“As of now, Warren County Health Services has not received any of the new COVID-19 booster, and our staff are directing people to pharmacies and their medical providers,” said health officials. “We do anticipate getting some in the weeks to come and will put the word out when it is received.”

CVS Pharmacy

CVS currently has the updated COVID vaccines at all its locations. You can sign up for an appointment on the CVS website. Walk-ins are also accepted.


Walgreens also currently has the new COVID vaccines in the Capital Region. For those under 12 years old, appointments start September 29. You can make an appointment on the Walgreens website.

Price Chopper/Market 32

The Price Chopper/Market 32 vaccine scheduling system does not currently list the updated (or any) COVID vaccine at any of the local locations. NEWS10 is waiting to hear back on when or if they will have the updated vaccine.


Hannaford told NEWS10 that they expect to start giving out the new COVID vaccine sometime the week of September 25, but availability by store may vary. Scheduling for the new vaccine will also begin next week. You can make an appointment on the Hannaford Pharmacy website.

You can also check-in with your locally-owned pharmacy to see when they’ll have the updated vaccines. To find a specific location to get a COVID vaccine near you, you can also visit the website.