TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A woman was detained after she was seen hitting a man last week on a Delta Airlines flight. Video emerged over the weekend showing two passengers shouting at each other while on a flight from Tampa to Atlanta on Thursday. Due to the graphic language in the video, viewer discretion is advised.

The woman, who had her own mask pulled down, is seen standing in the aisle, yelling at the man to “mask up.” The man told the woman he was eating and didn’t need to wear a mask. Things got even more heated after he called her a “Karen” and cursed at her.

Others on the plane told the woman to mask up and tried to restrain the woman. She appears to lose control, hitting the man in the face at least once. It was unclear if she was facing any charges as of Monday morning.

“This disturbance lead to the injury of fellow passengers and Delta employees,” the Atlanta Police Department said in a statement. The agency said it was called to an incident at the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport and detained the woman, identified as Patricia Cornwall, at the gate. The FBI was notified, then Cornwall was taken to a local police station, where officers took custody of her.