LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Thursday, the nationwide COVID-19 public health emergency was drawn to a close, marking a change in attitude towards the disease, as well as testing. On Friday, Warren County spoke up about what that change means for the Lake George and Glens Falls region.

Warren County Public Health announced that it would continue to offer free COVID-19 test kits and vaccines at the county municipal center, into the foreseeable future. However, coronavirus case data will no longer be reported through the county’s online hub, or any other regional channels.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank our collaborating agencies, healthcare providers, businesses, hotels, campgrounds, schools, childcare providers, camps, supporting agencies, and all others who worked with us throughout the nearly 40 months since this public health emergency was declared, to lessen the harmful impact of this pandemic on our community,” said Warren County Health Services Director Ginelle Jones in a statement on the county coronavirus website. “As with any other communicable diseases, we will continue to work with those partners to monitor COVID-19, and provide information to the public as warranted.”

The final coronavirus report posted online put Warren County at a “low” community infection rate as of Thursday, May 4, citing the CDC. The county continues to offer coronavirus resources online.

“We sincerely thank our residents and visitors for their patience and cooperation with the advice, guidance, and recommendations we provided. We sincerely thank the hundreds of volunteers and supporters who reached out to offer assistance, including those that took the contact tracing course and helped with our clinics. In addition to thanking our community partners, we sincerely thank our Health Services staff and families for the sacrifices made to serve and protect our community. Warren County was able to minimize deaths and keep up with the cases due to your dedicated and tireless efforts,” Jones said.

Warren County Health Services can be reached at (518) 761-6580.